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Cathflo 2mg was inadvertently flushed through a PICC. Can patient recieve another dose in each lumen for catheter clearance?

Gina Ward


need clarification;

Is your concern that it was "flushed" meaning it was given to quickly?   or was it given in the wrong lumen?

We use cathflo very often.   We treat only the affected lumens. 

  If Cathflo was administerd in a line, wether it was fast or slowly I would wait the 30 minutes -2 hours, not using the line at all, and then check intermittently for blood return.  If after the 2 hours it is not effective than it can be repeated as directed.

Hope this helps,  I dont want to go on and on about how we utlize it for fear I am not understanding your question.



Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC


Sorry for the confusion. The RN was unfamiliar with the administration of Cathflo. She was unable to get a blood return from the lumen where Cathflo was dwelling and flushed the lumen with 20cc of saline sending it systemically.

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