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Catheter material

Is my understanding correct when it comes to catheter material?

polyurethane is "stronger" and  typically can be used for power injection;  silicone is "softer" and typically not used for power injection...



Your understanding is correct

Your understanding is correct about mechanical strength. Silicone is made stronger by increasing wall thickness, which causes smaller internal diameter or larger outer diameter. Most power-injectable VADs are made of polyurethane, but I think Bard has one made of silicone. 

The same thing is not true when discussing chemical strength. Polyurethane can have structural changes when exposed to alcohol while this is not a problem with silicone. 

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Yes you are right. Silicone

Yes you are right. Silicone is not mechanically not as stable as polyurethane but Polyurethane is known for more catheter related infections

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