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Can two central line exist at the same time?

Is there any known rule or policy from the INS with regards to placing a PICC with a patient who has a

1. pacemaker

2. exisiting upper body central line (e.g. Quinton cath, Trialysis, Port-a-cath.)

I would appreciate any answer thank you!

No professional organization

No professional organization writes rules or policies. There are voluntary standards or guidelines 

There is nothing that prohibits placing a PICC with any other CVAD or pacemaker. Many times both are needed. For a pacemaker, insert from the opposite side. Consult with your cardilogist about the age of the pacemaker and their professional opinion about the presence of any CVAD. 

For HD catheters there is often the need for any infusion catheter with the HD catheter. 

For an implanted port, evaluate the patients VA needs to see if the port can be used instead of another CVAD. 

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