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Can too short port needle - ever be used?

I'm reviewing our Implanted Port Use and Care policy which currently states that if the non-coring needle does not touch the port base upon accessing (i.e. is too short) and patency check confirms blood return - the short needle set can be used to draw lab samples and flush/lock the port - but must not remain in the patient and cannot be used for infusion of medication.

There are no citations referenced for this guideline.  Can a too short port needle be used in the way described above?

Appreciate the feedback.



A needle that is too short

A needle that is too short has an increased risk of infiltration/extravasation. If you can aspirate and inject through it (many times a short needle does not even clear the septum), then draw blood sample or flush but I would never give any meds through it. Stability of all port needles is a critical issue, so too long can also be a problem. 

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Thank you!

Thank you!

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