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can I run an infusion on partially occluded PICC?

If a PICC is partically occluded; flushes well but no blood return--is it safe to run infusion? If so, does one wait till it is fully occluded to use cath flo? thanks, JL

I was always taught to use
I was always taught to use your cathflo when the occlusion is first found, total or not.  The better chances of success when you clear it immediately.  Susan
Barbara Tinsley
INS standards state you

INS standards state you cannot give any medication through a line that does not have a blood return.  A fully functioning line will give you 3cc of blood briskly, if not it is a dysfunctional catheter and needs to be declotted.

Barbara Tinsley

This is correct about the

This is correct about the INS standards, however there is no requirement for a specific quantity of blood. You just always need to confirm a brisk, free-flowing blood return through all catheters before they are used. Lynn 


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