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California PICC nurses reading CXR's post-placement
I am interested in finding out any information I can from California PICC nurses who have gone through the process of becoming qualified to read the chest x-ray post PICC line placement.  I have read different articles from PICC nurses from other states on this subject but I am specifically looking to find information that is pertinent to what is needed for California for the entire process.......the standard of practice......from beginning to end  I received a call back from the Calif State Board of Nursing and found the message response very vague.  So, if there is anyone out there who could shed some light on this process I would very much appreciate it! You may e-mail me directly at [email protected] or respond right on this forum as I am sure that many others in California could benefit from the knowledge also.  Thank you so much in advance!
Chris Naylor
We have been doing this very

We have been doing this very successfully for a year under a standardized procedure in Northern Ca. We set up education and competency.


Thank you Chris for

Thank you Chris for responding to my posted question!  I would like to converse wiith you further on this topic, so would you be willing to e-mail me at [email protected] your e-mail address so that I can connect with you further?  Thank you so much in advance!!



mary ann ferrannini
We found the process vey
We found the process vey easy. We set up a standardized procedure and found an MD to give a class. Try to get a radiologist they are the best although some still think it is OK to leave a PICC in the RA ..make sure you know what the standard is and why. Then I modified our PICC form so we had a place to chart as well as a section for radiologist recommendations so we could reconcile any differences. We had to further make a sticker we place in the orders to release it because when we just wrote it on the PICC insertion record the nurses had a lot of miscommunication
Mary Ann.....first off,

Mary Ann.....first off, thank you for your reply!  In reference to your comment.....within your standardized procedure, what criteria did you use to set up the specific standards/requirements that needed to be met that were written into the standardized procedure specifically for this task.  Was this a separate standardized procedure from your original PICC standardized procedure?.....and did you then write the ability to assess chest x-ray for tip placement into your main PICC policy?  These are the areas where I am stuck.  I realize that probably every Radilogist would have a differeing opinion of what the nurses would need to complete their "competency assessment" for this process and I just want to make sure that what I do is following the standard of practice.  I would really appreciate any further information you can give me on this process.  You may e-mail directly if you wish to [email protected]

Thank you so much!  

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