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Buffered Lidocaine
Our hospital is currently using 1% Lidocaine as a local anaesthetic prior to PICC or Midline placement. There is talk that buffered lidocaine is less painful to inject under the skin vs 1% lidocaine. What are other IV therapy teams using and is there evidence to support that buffered is better?
Yes, there is lots of

Yes, there is lots of evidence. Go to my blog and you will find a short article with links to a published literature review on local anesthetics for venipuncture.  


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We mix ours with bicarb. 
We mix ours with bicarb.  We mix 5 of bicarb into 15cc of lido.  I am so glad we started doing this, it has been wonderful.  If you have ever had straight lido you would definetly do this.  Susan
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We use buffered lidocaine on peripheral sticks, as well.  Have for many years.

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