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Patti Atteberry
BSI information

We are working to decrease our BSI to 'zero' in home care.  Although we know there are several factors that influence infection rates, especially in the home, we would like to know if there are any articles, benchmarking etc.  Here are a few questions. 

1)  What is the % rat of reoccurrance of BSI with central lines?  Are there any defining factors?  (ex.  patient gets a BSI every quarter)

2)  Is there any data regarding patient's that are receiving TPN and BSIs?

3) Is there any information correlating the number of therapy days and BSI?

4) How are home infusion or home care organizations counting line days?  We are using therapy days, which seems to be comparing apples to oranges.

We would apprepiate any assistance anyone would have,

Thank you