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Boniva infusion at home

I recently had a request to give one of our patient IV Boniva at home

Does anyone have any expierence with htis therapy?

Kelly Smith
Boniva is a fairly
Boniva is a fairly straightforward IV med- you can use a butterfly to access the vein, inject the med over about 30 sec, flush, and remove the butterfly.  We have not had any reactions so far, have given approx a dozen doses in our hospital based outpatient center. Usually do a pre- and post vs measurement. 

Kelly Smith

PICC Nurse

Boone Hospital Center

Columbia, Missouri

We have not done any home

We have not done any home Boniva but give a fair amount in our AIC. 
It is given over 30 seconds, the kit comes with a prefilled syringe, alcohol wipes and a 23 g butterfly. We have noted some irritation in smaller veins. I would recommend you avoid the hand and go for a larger vein, and flush with Saline after the infusion.

Contact your rep from Roche they are happy to come out and do an inservie for you

Ann marie

Ann Marie Parry, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

[email protected]

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