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carol Barker
Bone Marrow Aspiration
Does anyone know if any nurses anywhere are performing bone marrow aspirations? Any discussion about legal and/or proffessional issues?
Angela Lee
Our oncology PNPs do bone
Our oncology PNPs do bone marrow aspirates and LPs.  I can't address legal or professional issues but I know they are covered under our BON.
I work in Radilogy and our

I work in Radilogy and our Radiologist do bone marrow aspirations.  I have no desire to ever perform these procedures.  Most of these patients find this very uncomfortable and require pain meds to keep them comfortable.  Also, many of these patients have abnormal labs that need evaluated by a physician to determine any treatment or transfusion prior to doing this test.  Personally this is best left to the Physicians in my humble opinion.


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