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Peter Marino
Blood Transfusion and TPN concurrently through double lumen PICC?

I thought I had read that  Blood and TPN should not be given at the same through a PICC line. Since the  exit lumens are not staggered. I can't find a reference in the INS standards that supports it. Is this incorrect?


Neither blood nor any PN

Neither blood nor any PN formula can be infused through the same lumen at the same time. The issue is infection risk and compatibility for both fluids. I have never seen any guidelines stating that these fluids could not be infused at the same time through separate lumens. The need for staggered lumen exit sites has only been studied in a single lab test about 20 years ago. This is not enough to establish a standard of care. Lyn

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Peter Marino
Thank You Lynn!!

Thank You Lynn!!

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