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Blood Sampling from extremety with IV Fluids infusing
What is the standard time frame from turning off IV fluids to drawing blood sample in arm with IV Fluids infusing.  Based on INS standards; Standard 66-Phlebotomy,66 I.E, it is not specific to time frame to wait before drawing blood sample.  According to our Director of Lab, the standard is 15-20 min after stopping all IV fluids infusing in extremely blood is being drawn from.  This is not our current practice in IV Therapy.  It is our practice to avoid drawing from the same extremity as fluids are infusing to begin with but some times this is not an option.
Gwen Irwin
I am not sure that the lab

I am not sure that the lab director has evidence that supports waiting for that long.

If you think about the blood flow in the SVC and the blood flow from the arms,  it would not take 10 - 15 minutes for anything to clear the peripheral access and even less for a PICC in central venous system.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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