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Blood sample from CVC with TPN
Lately, we have had some erroneous lab results when drawing blood samples from a CVC (single lumen) with TPN running.  It is our policy to stop the TPN infusion for 2 minutes , flush with 10mls of saline, draw a 5ml blood discard, then draw the sample.   Is this an appropriate procedure for drawing blood from a single lumen CVC with TPN running?  Usually, with a multilumen catheter, we use the line that does not have TPN running through it.  Thank You in advance for help with this question.  Vickie 
A single lumen catheter

A single lumen catheter infusing any fluid or medication should never be used for drawing a blood sample. As you have identified you will have inaccurate lab values. TPN infusing through a lumen would never allow accurate results regardless of how much you flushed or the discard volume. 

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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