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Blood pressures and lab draws from PICC arm

I understand why no BPs on PICC site due to increase risk of DVTs, but is it OK for BP cuff to be placed on the wrist below the PICC? If not, please state references.

 Also, is it permissable to draw blood from the PICC arm below the PICC-not the AC but in the lower arm and hand veins? If  not, please state your references.

 Although, I do not believe most of us do this as best practice,however in the critically ill patient, it becomes necessary to make these choices at times.

 Thanks much for your thoughts!

 Cindy Hunchusky, RN


I have researched this topic

I have researched this topic in the past and have not came up with any data to support your questions. If you do find an answer, will you let me know? Thanks!


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