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Blood draws from central lines

Curious what other facilities do regarding drawing Coagulations studies off of PICCs/CVCs that have heparin infusing. INS says stopping heparin for 10 min but also states there are great studies on this. What about labs from a line that has TPN infusing through another Lumen? we have lab wanting us to stop the infusion for 15 min, not sure if that is the best either. Thank you!

Gina Sanders, RN


"Great studies" is not

"Great studies" is not language used in the INS SOP. Please see the ranking scale described in the front of the SOP. At the time of the writing, the studies listed was what was available. Using any CVAD for obtaining a blood sample for any test requires a careful assessment of each patient. Is this the way to get the sample with the lowest risk and greatest benefit for this patient? RE PN, ASPEN states to avoid using CVAD for blood sampling. The body of evidence shows that using CVADs for this purpose is increasing the incidence of CLABSI and there has been more published since this 2016 SOP was written. 

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