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blood draws from central lines

Our sister hospital has a CLABSI problem but we have been CLABSI free for years.  We advocate drawing labs directly from the hub, NOT through a cap and then replacing the cap with a new one.  Our sister hospital draws labs through the caps and does not replace them after flushing.  We cannot find clear literature supporting either approach.  Knowing that there is not a cap on the market with a 100% clean out rate after flushing, we prefer to not draw through caps.  What is the correct or recommended technique? 

 There are no studies

 There are no studies addressing this question, except for blood cultures drawn from a CVAD. In that case the connector should be changed BEFORE the culture is drawn. CVADs should NOT routinely be used for drawing all blood samples due to an possible increased risk of infection, regardless of when the connector is or is not changed. Lots of new information coming in the Jan 2016 INS Standards of Practice in the new Phlebotomy Standard. Lynn

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