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Blood culutres & chlorhexidine skin prep for neonates

HELP please!

I'd like to know if anyone out there is  using chlorhexidine to cleanse the skin for blood cultures this is specific for neonates in the NICU, majority of these infants are LBW 500gms to 2000grms? your answers are greatly appreciated....



Angela Lee
To my knowledge chlohexidine

To my knowledge chlohexidine is still not yet approved in patients under the age of two months.  However, there is a lot of off label use and it has been used successfully in some facilities.  I think it is just a matter of time before the literature is there to support the use in neonates. In fact, I think I recall already having seen some statement to support it but it may have been on some list serve or benchmarking data rather than a published article.  I am not concerned about it's use in neonates, however, I would be more cautious with the micropremies.  We do not use it in our NICU but we do use it for hub and cap cleaning.  Allowing it to dry is important.

You will find 2 different

You will find 2 different resources - the instructions from the antiseptic manufacturers and papers produced by professional organizations. Product instructions are controlled by what the manufacturer is allowed to state based on studies. Most do not conduct studies in any pediatric population, thus no claims made about this age group. AWOHN and NANN have guidelines supporting use of these antiseptics but removing with sterile saline and not allowing it to remain on the skin as it can be absorbed by the skin.  


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