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Bernadette Luca...
Biopatch versus 3M Tegaderm CHG gel Dressing

Has anyone trialed this new product from 3M? I was unable to get any evidence based or clinical trial studies from the sales rep.  I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


Monica Preston
We trialed the tegaderm CHG

We trialed the tegaderm CHG dressing and did not like them because they were difficult to remove. They stuck to the catheters like the adhesive they use on attached items in the mail. Catheters were incidently pulled back because of this and had to be replaced.

The sites looked bloodier than they were...etc...

We didn't complete the trial because of the malpositions...would not recommend.

You are unable to get any
You are unable to get any clinical studies because there are none at this time.  Biopatch has 15 yrs of clinical evidence to support it.  The Instructions for use of the Tegaderm CHG state that it has not been proven to reduce CRBSIs. 
CAn anyone comment from 3M
CAn anyone comment from 3M about the clinical trials to support the efficacy of this new product?  Any literature to support this?

Cheryl Kelley RN BSN, VA-BC

While you wait for a single

While you wait for a single study to surface or be conducted on this product, in the meantime...there are literally dozens of relevant clinical studies testing BIOPATCH that were not conducted by Johnson & Johnson. 

BIOPATCH Clinical Compendium - PDF file

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