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Holli Wiseman

I work in home care.  We received an ordered to administer Benefix after surgery.  It is a factor IX product.  As a rule we would not first dose Factor IX in the home.  I am being assured that this product is different.  the liturature I have read soes't really say much different except how it is made.  Have any of you administered before?  Has anyone in home care given as a first dose?  Any comments would be helpful for me. 

Thanks Holli Wiseman RN, MS 

 Visiiting Nurse Corporation of Colorado.

Halle Utter
Are you sure it's a first
Are you sure it's a first dose?  Usually with hemophiliacs they get it before and after surgery.   I just put in a picc for a pt that  had surgery and they want the picc for his follow up doses.  But most of these patients are on maintainance doses.  It would be unusual for it to be a first dose.

Hallene E Utter, RN, BSN Intravenous Care, INC

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