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Benefits of IV Therapy

Hello All,

I am not a healthcare professional, but I have questions regarding an experience with IV Fluids.  A few years ago I suffered from a ruptured appendix.  Consequently, I spent a total of 2 weeks in the hospital hooked up to an IV bag.  Although, it was a bad experience and my body was completed depleted, I did notice some positive affects.  My hair grew a lot that month.  My hair was also quite shiny and thicker.  My nails grew more than usual and continued to do so for several months.  My skin was the clearest that it had ever been.  And last but not least, my vision improved.  I was completely shocked by these positive effects, considering the fact that I was so ill.  The only explanation was the IV Fluids that were pumped into my veins daily.  Is this unusual?  Furthemore, is it possible to replicate these effects?  Is it safe to start my own IV Therapy at home?  Is it possible to ingest IV Fluids?  Please don't think I'm crazy, but I have thought about this for years and I'd like to know if others have experienced this.  Thank you for your time.

There are hundreds of

There are hundreds of different formulations of IV fluids and parenteral nutrition. There is no way to determine from your message exactly what you were receiving, therefore I can not make any assessments about connecting your outcome to the fluids you received. Infusion therapy is a specialty nursing practice that involves many devices and national standards to address its safe infusion. The fluids and other devices also require the prescription of a physician or other legal prescriber. So it is not possible to start your own infusion therapy at home without the supervision of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. You can ingest regular fluids and eat correctly and receive the same or better benefits. In fact, parenteral nutrition is not given to any patient if their gastrointestinal tract is working because what is in the bottle can never duplicate what happens in the GI tract. 

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My guess is that the

My guess is that the benefits that you experienced are not so much what the Iv did for you, but the things that you DIDN'T do while lying in bed, sick.  Nails do appear to grow better when hands are not being used.  Your nails are not constantly exposed to the things that normally cause breakage.  Same with your hair.  Your skin reflects your nutritional status. I have no idea re: your lifestyle, but is it possible  that normally your food intake includes a fair amount of junk food?  Also I have no idea how old you are but eyesight does worsen as we age, and accomodation decreases too.  That means when we swithch from computer, to TV, to gameboy and back and forth our vision can seem to be poor.  Resting in bed eliminates all that.  Sound reasonable?








Patty Flack
In all probablilty, your
In all probablilty, your results from having IV therapy had more to do with your nutritional status at the time.  You can probably obtain the same results with a good quality nutrional supplement.  This would also be a healthier way to go since with IV therapy you are  receiving fluids and nutrition and bypassing the stomach and intestines.  Patty Flack RN
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