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Glenda Dennis
Bard Power Port-a-caths
Has anyone experienced problems with the bumps on the port that were designed to help identify the device as a power injectable port?  Have you had patient comfort complaints?
Gwen Irwin
We have had no patient

We have had no patient complaints about this.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Kevin Travis Flint
No complaints at my

No complaints at my facility.


maureen lawler
We have had 2 actually erode
We have had 2 actually erode through the skin.  IR placed them on folks who had the body mass to handle these but as is somewhat typical with oncology patients...they lost weight and began damaging the overlaying skin.  we are now backing away from them.  I understand that we are not alone in this and that Bard is now making the power vad with a lower profile.

Maureen Lawler CRNI

Clinical Leader Venous Access Team

Salem Hospital

North Shore Medical Center

Salem, Ma 01970

We have not seen any
We have not seen any problems, and the hospital has been using them for about 1 1/2. 
Leigh Ann Bowegeddes
I met someone this week who
I met someone this week who had a patient on whom the bumps were visible through the skin, and the concern exists of future erosion. This was a new port for the pt, so the pt was already that thin.
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