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average piccs a month


My hospital has an average census of 110-120 a day. We started a PICC team over 2years ago, but our picc staff all have full time jobs and do picc's part time. It is a great month if we do 50 picc lines. What should be a good average for a facility this size?



Wendy Erickson RN
Hi, Thadd - We are about the

Hi, Thadd - We are about the same size as you are and we average around 50 PICCs a month.  We do have a Level 2 verified Trauma center and an open-heart surgery program so our size can be a little deceiving.  Our PICC nurses are also Resource Nurses and are on 24/7/365.  One of their roles is placing PICCs. but they do other things as well.

 Hope this helps - feel free to email me if you need any more information.


Wendy Erickson RN
Eau Claire WI

Thats a typical census at a

Thats a typical census at a hospital I work... we did 728 piccs last year, thats about 60/month... but we do a "lot" of ultrasound assisted IV's for short term stays that offset that number.... otherwise it would be much higher.


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