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AVA network in Houston, TX
I am planning to start an AVA network in Houston, TX. Can't believe there is not one anywhere in Texas. If anyone is interested please contact me at [email protected] Thanks and looking forward to going to Savannah in September.
Any M.D. Anderson, Hermann,
Any M.D. Anderson, Hermann, or St. Lukes people that read this interested in starting a network?  I am at Methodist.
Texas Children's
Texas Children's here....sounds interesting to me.
Chris Cavanaugh
Contact me off list at
Contact me off list at [email protected] if you are interested, and we can discuss the necessary steps. 

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

I work as IV Team at M.D.

I work as IV Team at M.D. Anderson. That would be nice to start one.

[email protected]

Rodney, Be sure to contact


Be sure to contact Lois Davis [email protected] as she is the official AVA Network Leader.  She can also put you in contact with successful network leaders from other states/regions.

Also, there is a network breakfast at the conference in September and you should put that on your list of things to go to.

If I can provide you with any assistance, let me know

Kathy McHugh


[email protected]

Rodney Allen
Thank you, Kathy, I will
Thank you, Kathy, I will definitely be there and will contact Lois Davis.
Tien Nguyen
Rodney,  I am very


 I am very interested in starting an AVA chapter in Houston.  Navilyst Medical formerly Boston Scientific Oncology is willing to help out.  Kathy Everstz of Ben Taub, Frank Soto, and I have been brainstorming to get the ball rolling.  If you need to speak to me, just give me a call.

 Much Appreciated.

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