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Eve Agarvan

Anyone know what happened to the certification? The information was posted in EVAN, but now there's nothing there.




Gwen Irwin
You can check the AVA

You can check the AVA site.  The info about the certification is posted there.  The certification will require testing every 3 years.  They have a study module available for a cost of $35.

Gwen Irwin


Eve Agarvan
Thanks, Gwen. I heard it was

Thanks, Gwen. I heard it was poatponed and I'm worried because I don't want to let my CRNI go if the exam isn't happening.

 With them changing leaders again,  do we know the certification will even mean anything in a year or two?



Eve Agarvan
Why did they fire Kathy

Why did they fire Kathy McHugh? I went to Savannah this year for the conference and it was at a whole other (amazing) level from the conferences I went to in Indianapolis and Atlanta. It looked like she was doing a good job with finances, and allthe vendors said really good things about AVA. I was so impressed by the partnering with IHI and APIC. The only part I didn't like this year was the silent auction. The food was terrible, andI don't like gambling, so maybe its just me.

I lloked up the new lady, PJ. She's an oncology person, and doesn't seem to have worked in vascular access or infusion outside oncology. Doesn't it look like AVA's getting to top heavy with oncology people? I don't really have any interest in that specialty, but if I did I'd join ONS.

Like with the certification - makes me wonder about how stable AVA is. For 95$ a year, with very few CRNI credits I can apply to that certification, maybe the right thing to do is hold on to my CRNI a while longer.

Eve in KY

Linda Lembo
I had a few staff that were

I had a few staff that were looking forward to the certification exam but the feed back I received it will need a few years be national approved. Is this true?

Linda Lembo CRNI

Valley Hospital

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Linda Lembo CRNI

Valley Hospital

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Leigh Ann Bowegeddes
The December issue of E-VAN

The December issue of E-VAN should answer your questions concerning the certification exam and PJ.

As to AVA being "ONS top heavy" I disagree. Members of our Board of Directors do also hold membership in other professional organizations, such as ANA, ONS and INS, but none of those organizations influence AVA decisions. Aside from Nadine and PJ, who else in our leadership is involved in ONS? PJ was selected for her expertise in dealing with associations, not because she is known in ONS. She also was involved in the original organization, BAVAN, which was the starting point of AVA.

Have faith - current AVA leadership is strong, and we are all working for the benefit of the organization. Your concerns are important to us. You can find information about the Board members on the AVA website.

 Leigh Ann

Eve Agarvan
Isn't the JAVA editor also

Isn't the JAVA editor also an oncology person, too?

Does PJ have experience in a CEO role or just as an elected officer? Book  knowledge is good, but its no substatute for business experience, especially when you had someone who worked in the vascular access business for alot of years. It still seems strange to change horses in midstream when we had a CEO with vascular access business experience and who was finally making things happen. I was really impressed with Kathy - she came to my hospital when I worked back east and converted us - and she not only was able to talk to the money people at our hospital but really knew what us PICC nurses needed too.

I saw the huge jump in platinum members this year so it seems to me the vendors needs were being met, and I know the membership numbers were up too. I hate to see AVA lose ground and go back to doing things the way it did before when it was being run by people who were real nice, but didn't know anything about vascular access.


Eve in KY

The management of any

The management of any professional organization requires a person with experience and knowledge in organizational management. This also may be a person with knowledge of the represented industry or group or the job split between two people. As a past president of AVA, I know the challenges with managing organizations. My year as president was without an executive director or CEO so I was doing both jobs. From what I have seen, I think the AVA board of directors has made wise decisions and I am confident that they have a good plan for going forward.   


Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., NPD-BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway Associates, Inc.

PO Box 10

Milner, GA 30257


Office Phone 770-358-7861

Eve, I echo your sentiments


I echo your sentiments regarding Kathy McHugh. Having worked with her in the past, I know her to be a  bright, intelligent and articulate woman that I am sure will be successful no matter what she sets her sights on next. The fact that there is a new CEO does not detract from the positive elements Kathy has brought to AVA. I am confident we that are in the vascular access arena have not heard the last of her yet! I think Kathy definitely got the ball rolling with AVA and brought it to a different level with vascular access professionals have been wanting (ie: the certification exam) that  she was able to implement. I am sure the newest CEO will now have a firm foundation to continue on in what has been started and to keep AVA moving in the way it needs to go. Good luck to Kathy and thanks for all you have done!    Terri

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