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arms with severe contractures

Came across a pt this week whose contractures were so bad another PICC nurse I work with wouldn't even try.  Thought I'd try her cephalics but they were too small so just put in an IV.  The pulmonologist couldn't get a triple lumen in her either.  Had a strange idea while thinking about it later....  Has anyone out there ever tried putting a patient like that on their abddomen and tried the basilic from underneath?  Sounds dumb,  but just a thought. 

anna liang
if difficult to position
if difficult to position patient to attempt the picc in arm(s), will staffs be able to do dressing changes later on if a picc is in the arm?

how about EJ or saph in the thigh?
Just do adults, no PICCs in
Just do adults, no PICCs in legs or necks for me thanks. 
Drsg change is what I was

Drsg change is what I was thinking of too. We've had a couple PICCs in people with severe contractures, had to have 2 nurses, and in one case sedation, to do drsg changes. What about blood flow? Is this someone at increased risk for thrombus due to nonmovement?

I've put in a couple PICCs where I felt like I was standing on my head, with someone arm holding the pt, not the way you're thinking tho.

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