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Carol Gosselin

We are looking for an armboard that will fit under a mattress to support a pt's arm during a picc insertion. Does anyone know where we can purchase one.


Carol Gosselin

Providence Ri

mary ann ferrannini
 I have thought of this as

 I have thought of this as well...go down to your angio suite and see what they are using there. It needs to be something that can be decontaminated if you are going to take it from room to room and you will need to have a plan for the pts in isolation. Surgery may also offer some solutions although I know a lot of their armboards attach to the tables

Angela Williams
I asked our plant operations

I asked our plant operations department to make a pattern of the armboard they use in our IR dept. Using a  sheet of thick plexiglass, they cut two pieces which then was "glued" together to make it more sturdy. We use this board for our bariatric patients whose arms are off the bed. 

Angela Williams RN BSN CRNI

Clark Memorial Hospital

Jeffersonville IN

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