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Christine Thomas
Arm circumference and New INS standards

Maybe I missed it but I do not see the recommendation to measure the arm circumference of a patient with a PICC line, baseline or otherwise.  Hope I can remove from our policy but want to make sure that I didn't miss it.


Chris Thomas


You are correct - no evidence

You are correct - no evidence for it! Lynn

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Chris:  Why would you want to

Chris:  Why would you want to remove it?  I think having a baseline is important it the patient c/o discomfort or swelling...then we can see by measurement comparison.  I dont see measurements, either, but i measure the circumference at the insertion site.  That way I know it is being measured on a routine basis in the same spot each time.  Am I missing your point?

Kimberly DuBore, RN, BSN
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Christine Thomas
Several practitioners have

Several practitioners have stopped this practice for the reason Lynn stated.  No evidence that increased circumference indicates a
DVT.  It is good that you establish a specific point for measurement as so many people will measure in different locations.  I have been called about increased circumferences and each and every one of them indicated everything but a DVT. ie: generalized edema, measurement at wrong area, etc.  I just evaluated by the symptoms of pain, localized edema of the arm, etc.  I just, personally, have not found it helpful.



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