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Norrie Rabinowitz
Hello, Does anyone out there in the Oncology community cover their VAD dressings with aquaguard or any other product when patient's shower? Second question if your hospital uses Tegaderm 1616, Do you cover the VAD dressing while your patient's shower?
Gwen Irwin
The Aquaguard may be

The Aquaguard may be effective for some patients, but it is also more adhesive to remove.  It needs replacing with each use, which means more adhesive to remove.  We have some patients complain about this.  We also have some patients that the Aquaguard leaks.  May be operator error in the placement.

With the BathGuard, we have fewer leaks, always.  It is reusable too.  The patient takes it home with them for use as well.  The patients don't complain about the adhesive removal, since the BathGuard does not require adhesive.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Norrie Rabinowitz
What type of dressings do
What type of dressings do you use?
Mats Stromberg
We have just started using

We have just started using SealTight, but have as yet no patient feed back on them. Seems the patient should have someone to help getting it on and off thought, not to damage the catheter. It really seem tight. Anyone that have experience of SealTight? Is BathGuard the same thing, basically? Is that better?


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