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Anyone using GE ultrasound??

Needing some feedback (Good and Bad) from clinical users of GE ultrasound for bedside placement of PICC's.  Please give specific models that you are using....Thanks

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I would take it for its good price. The software is somewhat complicated. The resolution is only half of the SonoSite. I am using a SonoSite S-ICU. I had an iLook25 before. I use a GE Logiq i in the other hospital. Inshort, if you have money, buy SonoSite.

I strongly agree...I have

I strongly agree...I have been a SonoSite user for over 10 years and presently use (LOVE) the S-Cath.  Thanks for your input!


I've trialed a couple different GE U/S's. Have you looked at the new GE Venue 40?

I was quite impressed with size, ease of use and resolution.


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GE ultrasound

We trialed 2 GE ultrasounds. The Venue and Logiq e and couldn't visualize the needle very well on either one. Which was a big disappointment because we loved everything else about them. We have also trialed 2 Sonosite ultrasounds. The S series and Nanomaxx with the same results. The Sonosite Rep is scheduled to come back soon because they have some new software they've implemented in to their ultrasounds that are suppose to help visualize the needle. We are going to give them another try. We presently have 2 Sonosite ILook ultrasounds that are several years old and are about worn out. We are looking to replace them.

Just had to add a commet to

Just had to add a commet to bring it back to the front of the line...just want coments before I have to do a "Side by Side" on the 15th!

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