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mary ferris
Any central linplaced prior to admission
  Does any one have a policy conerning admission to thier facility with a central line ? Do you get a chest x-ray?
Heather Nichols
   Mary,      We do


     We do have policy that requires a CXR for tip verification, and the line must have a blood return.  If the tip is in good position with no blood return, we will tPA.  If still no blood return, a dye study is required to ensure a patent catheter.  I did my own little private study for 2 months that included doing CXR's on any outside line that came into my facility.  In two months I had nineteen catheters that had serious problems.  I have attached a couple of the CXR's I did for your enjoyment.

We do have a policy on
We do have a policy on patients admitted with a picc line. They require chest and verification of tip placement prior to use.     
name of facility please

Which facility do you work at that has obtain a CXR for lines already in place as part of practice/ policy?

We have at ours as well but have been asked what facilities outside of our organization have as well..  So reaching out


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