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val wortley
Anti reflux / backcheck valves can they be used with Groshong catheters

WE are looking at switching all of our current needlefree access devices to a NF with AR valve, as we have had MDA alerts when infusing gravity and pump driven fluids and problems with back tracking of infusions.


When more than one IV line is connected to a single access point, back-tracking of fluids can occur if one line has no flow or a slower flow of fluid running through it. The fluid will back-track, as it will take the path of least resistance. this can also occur during occlusions. If a downstream occlusion occurs when an infusion pump is being used, the occlusion alarm may not be activated.Bolus delivery can occur following backtracking, when flow in the line is increased, the line is flushed or the occlusion is released.

To cut down on confusion with nursing staff having to choose between which device to use for which line I want to have the minimal number of devices available so does anyone know of any reason NOT to put a ARV onto a groshoing catheter, this would only be appropriate for our midlines not PICCS, obviously you cannot aspirate from an ARV we just wondered whether it would affect the functioning of the valve?



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