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Ambulance field start IV's

What are the latest guidelines on what should be done with IV's that are started in the field by the ambulance?  Should we restart them in 24 hours, treat them no different than a hospital IV?  Any guidance or reference to litature would be greatly appreciated.


The guidance comes from the
The guidance comes from the CDC guidelines. "When adherence to aseptic technique cannot be ensured, replace all catheters as soon as possible and after no longer than 48 hours." Category II. It does not matter where the IV was started by EMTs in the field or during a code in your facility - if it was with questionable aseptic technique it should be changed ASAP. This also applies to CVCs as awell as PIVs as this document covers all catheters. Lynn

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our policy states field

our policy states field PIV's must be removed in 24hrs...we are a level 1 trauma hospital...

I've seen several ugly outcomes when that policy wasn't followed 

Thanks   Keith




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