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administration set change question

It is current practice at my facility to begin infusion into a newly inserted central line with a new, clean bag of IV fluids and adminstration set.  We do not  take the adminstration set from the infusing PIV and attach for use.  The INS Standard of Practice 43.2 states "The administration set shall be changed whenever the peripheral catheter site is rotated or when a new central vascular access device is placed."  Does anyone else have documentation/references to support or refute this practice?



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 In an upcoming JIN issue, I

 In an upcoming JIN issue, I will have an integrative literature review of infection and PIV. The contamination of PIVs upon removal is documented to range from 5 to 25%. There are estimates in one recent study that as many as 10,028 PIV associated Staph aureus bacteremias occur annually in U.S. hospitalized patients. Look at the fact that biofilm grows in needleless connectors. All of these factors indicate that taking a used set from one catheter of any kind and attaching it to the hub of another catheter can easily lead to contamination of the newly inserted catheter. I think this review is coming in the July-Aug issue but am not sure. Lynn

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