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Added access added to PICC

Please help....I'm new to PICC Team...I love this site. At the bediside, we place dual-lumen 5 fr taper cath in every pt. Recently I have seen ICU nurses adding a triple lumen extention set to one of the ports on the PICC. So they are now running TPN into one port. Then adding 3 or 4 medication at a time, on a pump, into the other port. Is this safe? Should I suggest them to limit the amount of fluids infusing into this PICC?  

this is safe as long as the

this is safe as long as the medications being infused are compatible.

aslo to be sure the pressures during the infusions are not too high if it something other than a power picc.  otherwise the increased pressure with break the catheter in the vein. check with manufacture specs and pharm to make sure everything mixes safely


Sorry, but this is not a
Sorry, but this is not a safe practice. There are 2 issues - compatibility of all these solutions and infection control. This added extension set does not automatically make a single lumen into a multilumen catheter. These drugs and solutions are all in contact inside this extension set. Plus, you have excessive manipuluation of the same catheter hub. Neither INS standards nor the the ASPEN guidelines supports this practice. Lynn

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