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  Is anybody inserting Accucaths and if so, do you have  a policy specific to them re: insertion,maintainence ? Any issues ?

Looks like no one here has

Looks like no one here has used this catheter including me. These are considered long peripheral IV catheters. A policy would require a statement about requiring documented competency to insert, and the aseptic conditions for insertion since they are expected to be indwelling for a longer period. There is no max dwell time, removal is based on completion of therapy or unresolved complication. Dressing, flushing, set change etc is the same as any other short peripheral catheter. 

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Hi there,

Hi there,

Sorry a little late on the response. We place a LOT of accucaths in my facility. The only people who have access to this catheter is our vascular access team and the majority of the catheters we place are the 2.25" under USG.  We round on these catheters daily as they are usually placed in the patient who has limited vasculature and our team manages the dressing changes.  Hope this helps!

Jessica Newsom

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