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Access Scientific's The Wand

For those who went to the INS meeting in Nashville, I am wondering what you thought of Access Scientific's The Wand. 

I did not attend the INS
I did not attend the INS meeting in Nashville, but are you talking about thesame "Wand" that was introduced at AVA last year. It was developed by the same guy who created the "Stat Lock" I am wandering if the" Wand" is now is use by anyone.

 Darla Tarvin RN VA-BC

Mercy Clermont Hospital

Don't think it's available
Don't think it's available for sale yet for PICC's. Looks cumbersome from the website info?
I do communications work for

I do communications work for Access Scientific, which makes The WAND. The PICC version of The WAND will first be available near the end of this year. The initial version, now available, is called the Micro Access WAND and is designed for interventional radiology and cath lab usage.

I was at INS and I think it's fair to say that those attendees who saw the PICC WAND demonstrated found it to be elegant and not cumbersome, a solution that simplifies and improves upon the modified Seldinger Technique. Dr. Steve Bierman, who developed StatLock, is CEO of Access Scientific. More info at

- Greg Dennis


Access Scientific will also

Access Scientific will also be present at AVA 2009 Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas with focus on PICC insertion....Hope to see you in September!

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