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Acceptable peripheral short catheter Infiltration rate

Does anyone know what the standard acceptable infiltration rate is for peripheral IV's? INS standards have the acceptable phlebitis rate as 5 % or less, but no rate for infiltration. Thank you, Robin

There is no benchmarking
There is no benchmarking rate for infiltration or extravasation that creates an "acceptable" rate. Your goal should always be zero. Realizing that this is probably impossible, you must focus on those preventive nursing actions that reduce the likelihood of infiltration/extravasation. Second, you must have a policy and procedure in place that directs what actions to take if an infiltration or extravasation is suspected. These 2 factors are what gets many hospitals into a legal battle. They have nothing in writing about avoiding areas of joint flexion, adequate catheter stabilization, and use of handboards. They also have no p&p about early recognition, when to apply heat vs cold, are antidotes to be used, when a surgical consultation is necessary, etc. They leave these directions to each physician who is not knowledgeable about the most recent information. Lynn

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