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anna liang
abdominal PIV
one kid was adm from ER with a piv on his abd (after unsuccessful attempts).
mom claimed it lasted for a couple of days before it 'went bad'.
(I didn't get the chance the see the actual piv).

is it acceptible for MD to place piv on abd? and any other 'creative locations?
In my opinion, this is not
In my opinion, this is not acceptable practice. Please go the the Clinical Articles section at to find an article about Atypical Locations for Peripheral CAtheters. Lynn

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Susan S
My first do

My first do you know it was an IV and not a SQ catheter if you did not see it?  Family members might not know the difference.    But then again not sure a ER would have or know about SQ catheters either (at least the ones I have been around, which really is not that many ERs thank goodness)

I know sometimes people can get creative, and they are proud of their IV skills when they get these wierd locations.  But if they were a true infusion or IV nurse, they would know better than to place such IV.  Especially if the patient is not staying in the hospital.  Sounds like this patient was not hospitalized after the ER visit?  or perhaps none of the nurses thought it necessary to notify the IV team/experts of such a catheter. 

Susan Schuetrumpf, RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Atlanta GA

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