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3M tegaderm dressing

Hi we currently use the centurion sorba view dressing.  We have no problems with them at all and actually are very happy with them.  Our hospital is asking us to look at the 3M Tegaderm dressing since they are more cost effective.  These dressings currently come in our picc kits so we use them on insertion.  I, personally still prefer the sorbaview.  Can anyone give me any feedback, positive or negative on this dressing.  They also want us to look at the dressing with CHG in it and eliminate the biopatch.  Any feedback on this would also be appreciated. Thank you.


Glenda Dennis
Chg dressing from 3 M

 We have used the Tegaderm Chg dressing for about 3 years now and love it.  We have experienced a 0 CLABSI rate during that time and it is rare to have any dressing issues.  That said, the PICC team does daily central line rounding and every seven day dressing changes.  The biggest issue is removal but using alcohol or chlorhexadine to wet the stickey patch, makes it very doable.  This dressing provides an added layer of securement for the patient along with excellent anti microbial protection.  

But what about those who are not 'PICC' nurse?

I appreciate your comment about the 3M chg dressing. However, what about those who are not PICC nurses [family members who do dressing changes at home and floor nurse who have no access to an IV team]? What of those who go to do a dressing change and don't know of the stickiness of the chg on the dressing and go to change a dressing on a PICC and accidently migrate out a catheter? My concern is those not aware, could do more harm than good.  How do you address that? Thanks for your feedback.




Tom Burns, RN BSN

Clinical Nurse Edu

J Hands
Antimicrobial Silicone

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John Hands

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 Can you provide clinical

 Can you provide clinical outcome data to support your statement? Thanks, Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, NPD-BC, CRNI

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Functions predictably every time

I think you'll continue to find that the Sorba-view Shield catheter securement system works predictably every time - it goes on the same way and come off the same way. It takes the guesswork out of it.

Good luck.



Tom Burns, RN BSN

Clinical Nurse Edu

Janine Pritchett
To address the questions

To address the questions about non-IV team nurses doing dressing changes.  The bottom line is education.  Without education, it doesn't matter what dressing, Biopatch, etc.  There can be inherent problems if they aren't used correctly.  If the BioPatch isn't placed per manufacturer instructions, lines can very easily become dislodged.

The issues that we have found in our pediatric population, is that with tiny lines, the Biopatch is much harder to separate from the line and dressing, resulting in more line dislodgement.  Using the Tegaderm CHG allows us to see all of the external catheter.  Yes, staff have to be taught how to apply and remove the dressing - just as they do any dressing. I'm sure education was done when you switched to Sorbaview, so if the staff can now apply that dressing appropriately, then they should also be able to do that with a different dressing.  Both dressings are good, but we have found that the Tegaderm CHG has more positives for us.  (we also tried the Sorbaview Shield prior to this).

Janine Pritchett, RN-BC, BSN, VA-BC
Clinical Educator - Vascular Access

We recently switched from

We recently switched from tegaderm with stat lock and bio-patch to sorbaview dressing and bio-patch.  We opted for the dressing that has an area of no adhesion so it does not stick to the bio-patch.  Application and removal are both easy, we have had no lines pulled out accidentally and staff LOVE them.  We found we were having skin tear issues with the stickiness of the stat-lock and tegaderm so trialed a few products and truly feel sorbaview is the best product for patients and staff.  Trialed the tegaderm with built in CHG 2 years ago and staff c/o difficulty getting all the "GOO" off the site when cleaning for re-application of new dressing.


BJ Sherman, RN

Vascular Access Coordinator

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