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3.15% CHG

Is anyone using the 3.15% CHG MAxi Swabstick? If so are you noticing any skin irritation from the increased concentration?

I appreciate any feedback you may have.

Ann Williams RN CRNI
We were asked by the hospital

We were asked by the hospital to look into it.  The doctor over micro in lab and I did the 'researching' and presented enough less than positive comments that the team chose to stay with the more expensive Chloraprep.  As for irritation, I did a small trial on 3 of my co-workers and found that in less than 24hrs all 3 were remvoing the Tegaderm and washing their 'site' because of redness and itching.  We found a few other things that I can't recall right now without pulling my file.  We did find that we were being told some things by the rep about the useage at other facilities that when we contacted the other facilities, turned out not to be correct.  Also when we had our meeting to present our side and his, the rep didn't show up and hadn't called...had to be called by the team leader.  The reason he didn't show was that his clinician that was coming along got sick and couldn't be with him.  Just my 2 cents for what that's worth.

3.15% chlorhexidine

We were also asked to look at this product. We trialed in for our central lines and also for blood culturing. Micro kept an eye on blood culture contamination rates and looked for improvement or decline. Neither happened. Our central line patients were alright and our crbsi did not increase  during that time and since then. The drying time is what gets you though. If that skin is the least bit moist you will get irritation under the dressing.

Jose Delp RN BSN

CliClinical Nurse Manager IV Team

Upper Chesapeake Health

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