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3 mL Heparin Flushes


BD is wanting to switch our heparin flushes 3mL to 3mL syringes but they are fatter syringes. Is this considered equivalent to a 10mL syringe in terms of the pressure on the CVC?

 A 10 mL syringe is ONLY

 A 10 mL syringe is ONLY required for the initial patency assessment. If there is no resistance, a good blood return and no signs or symptoms of any complication, then you can proceed with a syringe size that is appropriate for the medication being given. This is true for any type of syringe. The BD Posiflush syringes are designed so that all sizes generate the pressure equivalent to a 10 mL syringe. See the 2016 INS Standards on Flushing and Locking. Lynn

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BD prefilled syringe

If it is a Becton Dickinson (BD) prefilled syringe, they are made with all of their syringes having a 10 cc syringe barrel. SO it doesn't matter if it's a 5 in a 5 or 3ml in a 3cc syringe, the barrel diameter is the same as a 10 cc syringe which is why you can safely use them with normal hand pressure on all IV catheters. And, once you ascertain that there is NO resistance, and you have an open, patent line, then use whatever size syringe you need to give the prescribed therapy.

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