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20G PIV in antecubital fossa for IV Amiodarone

This article recommends IV Amiodarone be administered via a 20gauge cannula in the antecubital fossa which contradicts INS guidelines to avoid areas of flexion and the use of the smallest gauge catheter . Any thoughts? We are continuing to see a significant number of Amiodarone infiltrates despite the use of a 22 gauge IV in the forearm.

ACF has highest rates of all

ACF has highest rates of all complications and is not the appropriate site for anything more than an emergent site for immediate access for a temporary period while other VA plans are made. Certainly a vesicant in this location is very high risk and is not recommended. I have not read this but the website looks like a single hospital system. Has this been published in a peer reviewed publication? If not it is only appropriate for this facility and is not transferrable to others. 

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