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2" Huber Needle

We are looking for a 2" huber needle for a pt that has a very deep port placement.  Has anyone seen or heard of them?  We have only been able to find 1.5" which has proven to be too short.  Any help is appreciated!  :-)

Sue Witkowski
Years ago we had some issues

Years ago we had some issues with deep ports. I discussed it with our Chief of Surgery at the time and he said if it's that deep, it's not placed properly.  Pocket site selection and placement is the issue.


I believe the company that makes the Lap-Band system for bariatric pt's. has 2 inch hubers. These are used to adjust the tightness of the Lap-Band system.

Stephen Harris RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Chief Clinical Officer
Carolina Vascular Wellness

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