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1.Draping. 2.Future roles.

1. When discussing "maximum sterile barrier", what does it mean by the CDC statement, "drape the entire body" Does this mean head to toe? What are the references for this? Currently we use a 1/2 sheet to drape the body in addition to an arm drape and towels.

2. Another question: Is there a future for a team that is able to insert any and all types of VAD (whatever the patient needs), 24/7? Including PIVs, PICCs , midlines, subclavians, jugulars, femorals? This seems to make sense as only being able to insert a PICC seems self-limiting to the profession. I think hospitals would be happy to have this service provided by a team that has a proven track record.



 #1 yes the studies on

 #1 yes the studies on maximal barriers did not state the precise size of drapes in use but they did indicate a full body drape. IHI also states full body drape, head to toe. 

#2 I firmly believe there is a future for full service, 24/7/365 infusion teams. I am currently chairing an INS Task Force on this issue. We will be published an article in the INS Newsline shortly with the final definition of an Infusion Team. This would encompass all infusion services which does include vascular access. The emphasis by Joint Commission is now on High Reliability Organizations. HRO includes deferring to experts. This team would be the experts in the service line of all infusion services. So I believe there is a future, however there is much more work to be done on the business case and business plans, etc. I am giving a presentation on these issues at the annual seminar of North East Ohio AVA on May 11. 


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