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Chris Cavanaugh
$10 million settlement after air embolism death


Hospital Pays $10 Million to Sun-Times Heirs

CHICAGO (CN) - The University of Chicago Medical Center will pay the Estate of James Tyree $10 million to settle claims stemming from the death of the former owner of the Chicago Sun-Times.
     The money will go to Tyree's widow and three children.
     The Cook County medical examiner ruled that Tyree's death in March 2011 was an accident, caused by an air embolism during removal of a catheter.
     Tyree, 53, was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was being treated for pneumonia when he died. Tyree was the chairman of Mesirow Financial and in 2009 led an investment group that brought the Sun-Times' parent company, Sun-Times Media, out of bankruptcy.

Chris, Not that it matters


Not that it matters but any idea what kind of catheter?

A report with more details

A report with more details said a HD cath

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 Monica J. Sorg, R.N.

really sad story

In this day and age we still have issues with catheter removal and air embolism

INS has put out a great competency publication recently and catheter removal is in it.  Competency is key for catheter removal

I feel very sad for this family in losing a family member due to an error.  We should all learn by this and put clinicians who pull any lines through competency

I encourage all of you to revisit your hospital catheter removal policies and review the great publicaton from INS.  This new manual is worth purchasing.  it can be obtained on line via INS.

Chris thank you for sharing this story of this family's great loss.  Maybe this loss will serve as a learning experience to us all.  We can only hope it will be the last loss.

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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