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mary ann ferrannini
HELP!!! need a copy of this article

  Help!!!!!!!!!  Does any one know where I can get my hands on or does any one have a copy of the study Buswell Beyea S. Flushing protocols for for tunneled central venous catheters : An integrated review of the literatureThe on-line journal of Knowledge Synthesis..1998:5 93. This is the main resource INS used for their  CVC Flushing cards . I can find it on the Interscience site but am going round and round on that one......Gosh it was published in 1998...I should not be having this many problems getting it...BUT I am.....TX so much  Mary

Mary, I too tried getting a


I too tried getting a copy - unable too.

However, PubMed showed me this below;


Online J Knowl Synth Nurs. 1998 Mar 24;5:3.

Flushing protocols for tunneled central venous catheters: an integrative review of the literature.

Buswell L, Beyea SC.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, 44 Binney Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA. [email protected]

The flushing regimes for and associated practices related to tunneled central venous catheters (Hickman and Broviac) vary widely. Recommendations for flushing tunneled central venous catheters are abundant in the literature, but few are research-based. This manuscript describes the clinical problem and summarizes six research-based studies that appear in the literature. Practice recommendations based on this review include using 5 mL of 10 unit/mL of heparin once or twice weekly. It is clear that additional prospective randomized studies are needed to elucidate the optimal flushing regime for patients with tunneled central venous catheters.

PMID: 12874713 [PubMed]


Timothy R. Spencer, RN, APN, DipAppSci, BH, ICU Cert, VA-BC™
That CVC guy from Australia :-}

mary ann ferrannini
  I tried the INS site (with


I tried the INS site (with member eclusive section as well) and could not find it there but I have not called them..but I can!...In the meantime I will take a copy anywhere I can get E mail is [email protected] is 2 v's OK ...thank you so much in advance


Mary Ann have you tried asking at the INS office for this article?

Marvin Siegel RN CRNI

Director of Clinical Services

Town Total Health


Mary Ann, I have a PDF file

Mary Ann, I have a PDF file but I don't know how to post it up for you. You can give me your email and I will attach this file for  you.

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