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PICC nurses using fluoroscope
Are there any PICC nurses who are hospital certified to use fluoro and if so, how did you obtain these qualifications.
Yes there are but I can not
Yes there are but I can not recall any to list here. It would all depend on the rules and regulations in your state about the nurses scope of practice, the radiation safety issues, what education and training would be required for you and what polices and procedures your hospital approves. Lynn

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thanks for your reply
thanks for your reply
Jonathan Rolt
We use it when we have a
We use it when we have a problem threading a PICC, or when it keeps going up the IJ or across to the other side. But we don't run the machine, the radiologist runs it but lets us do our procedure watching it on the screen. It doesnt happen that often but radiology is always happy to do it for us.
You must know your state

You must know your state rules as Lynn points out

Many states only allow a tech to use fluoro

In those cases a nurse does not step on the pedal but a tech does as the RN positions the line.  This is the most common scenario

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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