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Anesthetic use - (electronic users - scan or not to scan?)

Pharmacy wants to capture the charge for the use of topical anesthetics and has even mentioned injectables.  This would mean having an order, scanning the product and scanning the patient.  Currently we have been using it per a medically approved protocol and not charging for it, only documenting its use and effectiveness with our IV starts

1. Do you have these anesthetics on your MAR?

2. How do you document use?

Angela Lee
The topical and injectable

The topical and injectable Lidocaine we use are stocked in our Pharmacy pyxis and therefore a charge is generated when we pull them out.  We do write an order for any anesthetic we use.   Use is documented on our PICC procedure form.  They are not reflected on our MAR.

We do not scan at this time so that may make the process completely different.

Angela Lee
Sorry, I realized too late
Sorry, I realized too late that you were only looking for responses from those that do scan.
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