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Laura Cook CRNI
PICC line consent-who gets it??
The consent policy at our hospital clearly states that BARS are to be discussed and consent obtained from the patient by an LIP or a physician.  Are the MD's doing this at other facilities out there?    -OR-  Are the PICC teams obtaining the consent?  According to our policy the RN's are only to verify that the risks/benefits have been explained tot the patient by the MD.  Or is this an exeption at most facilities?
Only half of the hospitals

Only half of the hospitals get a consent for a PICC insertion.

It is mixed between MD and RN's getting the consent even if the RN does the procedure


some states require MD consent and in those states the hospitals have sometimes elected not to get signed consents but put a blanket statement into the admission consent on PICC lines

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

The prevailing information
The prevailing information in nursing literature is that the person performing the procedure is the one to obtain informed consent. I would never trust another professional who does nto perform a PICC insertion, such as physicians, to adequately educate the patient. Informed consent is much more than getting a signature on a piece of paper. For physician-performed procedures, it has traditionally been the role of the nurse to only witness the patient's signature. But if I am performing the procedure, it is my responsiblility to make sure the patient is informed, understands, and all questions are answered, regardless of whether there is a piece of paper signed or not. Lynn

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Laura Cook CRNI
I absolutely
I absolutely agree....but.......from a legal point of view if something out of the ordinary should occur......  Are we covered in the event of a law suit? IE: RSD, arterial stick, DVT's, infection.
Mary Raap
At our hospital both the
At our hospital both the physician who ordered the PICC is named on the consent and the PICC nurse who is actually inserting the catheter.  We (PICC Nurses) explain the procedure to the patient and sign that we obtained informed consent, but we have another nurse who is not actually performing the procedure witness the patient signing the consent as to not be a conflict of interest.
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