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Catherine Little
IV therapy Medical Director job description

Does your  IV therapy dept/PICC team have a medical director? If yes will you share the job description?

Thank you

Gwen Irwin
We do not have a medical

We do not have a medical director.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Angela Lee
We have a medical director
We have a medical director but there is not a job description.  His function is to support us and to be available for situations we are not able to handle.  The only one that has occurred is that of a stuck PICC.  If we call him it is because the patient needs surgical intervention for PICC removal.  He is a surgeon and if he's not available we will call another surgeon for that situation.  I also keep him informed of any changes such as addititon or loss of team member, changes in practice, hours, etc.  Since our team is so small we don't really have formal team meetings.
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